About Forexworld.com

Forexworld.com is a website with a mission. Forexworld.com has but one aim, to become the lifeline between the millions of Filipinos currently living and working all over the world and the relatives and loved ones they have left back home.

Forexworld.com is the new media incarnation of Forex Cargo, Inc., the number one shipper of door-to-door boxes in the Philippines. Since its inception in 1983, Forex Cargo has prided itself in offering service that is safe, fast and reliable. These same virtues make the backbone of Foreworld.com's service orientation.

Forexworld.com's content and services are geared towards the needs of the overseas Filipino and their loved ones in the Philippines. The website offers balikbayan box delivery services and online gift shopping.


Dear Forex Cargo Phils., Inc. Clients:

Please be advised that Forex Cargo Phils., Inc. and Forex, U.S.A. are not affiliated with any door-to-door company operating in the Middle East.

Balikbayan Boxes

Ang walang kakupas-kupas na simbolo ng pag mamahal sa pamilya ng mga pinoy na nangibang bansa. Maging sino ka man basta nasa labas ka ng pilipinas, hindi mo maiiwasan mag padala ng balikbayan box.


Forex Cargo (Phil) Inc.
(Customer Service)

69 Marcos Highway, San Isidro
Cainta Rizal 1900
+632 655-5830, 655-5788 (PLDT)
+632 631-6172, 661-3992
Email us at: kahon.customer_care@forexdkm.com

Forex Online Shopping
(Customer Service)

1107B West Tektite Tower,
PSEC Bldg., Exchange Rd.,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605
+632 638-3558
+632 719-0264
Email us at: customercare@forexworld.com

Chartered Forex Phils., Inc. (Customer Support Center)

Unit 606 Pacific Center,
33 San Miguel Avenue,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
+632 5848566

US, Virginia

Chartered Forex Inc.

5224 Eisenhower Avenue,
Alexandria, VA 22304
U.S. Tel.: (703) 823-1508
Fax: (703) 683-7730

Forex Cargo, Inc.

5222 Eisenhower Avenue,
Alexandria, VA 22304
U.S. Tel.: (703) 823-1508
Fax: (703) 683-7730
Email us at: forexdc@forexdkm.com

US, California

Forex Cargo (CAL) Inc.

21136 S. Wilmington Avenue
Unit 110 Carson, CA 90810
U.S. Tel.: (310) 523-4080
Fax: (310) 523-4070
Email: forexcal@forexdkm.com

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