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Welcome to Forex Online Shopping

Forex Online Shopping added a new method to replenish your funds.

Forex Online Shopping gives Philippine consumers the capability to shop for products sold online and delivered in the US without the need for a US credit card, PayPal account or similar online payment methods. Goods are then forwarded to Manila via Forex's balikbayan boxes.

Forex can order directly from US-based companies that offer online purchasing on behalf of its customers. Forex Online Shopping delivers directly to Philippine addresses, door to door.

Aside from removing the need for a US credit card or PayPal account, Forex Online Shopping makes available US products at US prices which are often considerably cheaper than their locally available versions and it avoids costly shipping and customs charges.

The Drop Ship service enables customer to shop on their own using their own credit card and have them delivered to the Forex US Warehouse. We then forward the items to the customer's Philippine address.

*** Shipping Electronic Devices ***
Just recently, US Customs implemented a policy on electronic devices such as the following: Laptops, Kindle eReader, ipads, mobile phones and the like or those devices that can store information or that has installed software and applications. US Customs have been inspecting all electronic devices that would fall under that category. According to them, sending such devices is not prohibited. However, devices that may contain data are subject to scrutiny as they may compromise national security. That said, we are asking you to refrain from sending such items until we can resolve matters with the US Customs. If you want to continue to ship such electronic devices, you do so at your own risk. Please be warned that losses or damages that may result from Customs inspections will not be covered by insurance.

*** Shipping Watches ***
We have noticed lately that US Customs has been confiscating watches (all kinds). US Customs hasn't informed us officially about this but when our containers go thru random inspections, some customers report that the watches they shipped are missing. If this is the case, insurance doesn't cover these losses. If you want to continue to ship watches, you do so at your own risk.

*** Paypal Payments ***
Payments for shipment through Paypal will be temporarily disabled until further notice. However, Payments for "Online Shopping" will still be available via Paypal. Other modes of payment such as bank deposit payments are still accepted. Please refer to our FAQ.